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Use this post to send mail in general to Amaury and his parents!

Amaury Oniyama
Stoic Gryffindor 4th year. Does pretty well in selective subjects (Arithmancy, Potions, Transfiguration,) but does average in others (Care of Magical Creatures, History of Magic, etc.) Mostly, the classes that require a logical thought process as opposed to extensive memorization and impromptu situations, he will do well in it. Be aware that his responses might be very very short and to the point.

Victoria Bloom
Amaury's mother and a former Ravenclaw. At 37 (her birthday is in January,) Victoria's a Muggle geography teacher at a finishing school for boys in Wales, where all the students are slightly frightened of her but still have crushes on her. She and Amaury's father, Aki Oniyama, are divorced and she has dropped her ex-husband's last name when she left Japan.

Aki Oniyama
Amaury's father, a Muggle. Aki is approaching 38 (his birthday is in October) and like his ex-wife, he is also a teacher of English at a public high school in Kyoto. He pretty much is the older version of his son but that doesn't stop him from being popular amongst his students. All letters to Aki are enchanted so that everyone but Aki mistakes them for advertisements.
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Been making too many sims... and not playing them, haha! Making them is so fun though, I want to make lots and lots of NP sims! Here's the Gryffindors I have made so far:

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Thanks for looking!


Aug. 18th, 2008 12:43 pm
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I have no idea what's going to happen next. None at all.
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"All you need, Ryuu-chan," Sayumi mused while thoughtfully wagging her teaspoon at him, "is one really, really good kiss."

Amaury blinked at her as his teacup clattered slightly when he dropped it a bit too fast onto the saucer. They had been discussing the changes in their lives from childhood to present day: a married artist (Sayumi), and a single Arithmancer (Amaury).

"I thought we were talking about what inspires you to do those paintings, not my lovelife," he managed to respond with a slightly confused frown at his cousin.

"Well, that's where it comes from."


"Baaaaka," she grinned, leaned back in her chair. "Inspiration is like a really, really good kiss. It touches you slightly, sensitively at first, that you're suprised to find it there. And when you realize it, you explore, figure out what you like, how it makes you feel. That's when it progresses to something else."

"Sex," Amaury commented with a straight face.

"In some cases!" his cousin laughed. "Sometimes it's just a fling, a passing fancy. But sometimes it's the first step to falling in love, you never know how it's going to turn out but at least it's been and your life changes a bit. Maybe not a lot, but enough."

A few months passed and Amaury had forgotten the conversation entirely until he met a a former schoolmate playing in a rock band inside of a small, dingy bar. Jesse was rugged, passionate, and intense about his thoughts and feelings, everything Amaury wasn't. However, as they spent more time together, the Japanese man began to feel pretty inspired himself, and after a night spent listening to various records and CDs, leaned over and gently captured the other man's lips.
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I can't think of what to put in! ;_;
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There is a lot of snow outside. I, ah, got a bit excited from the snow.

Jesse: A BIT?!

Anyway, it snowed all night and now everything outside is white. Jesse and I may take a walk-


-around the gardens-

Jesse: Oi!

-and around the school. We may go by the library-

Jesse: Are you even listening?

-and there was talk about a basketball game. Chicago was very nice, but it was very cold. The art museum was quite nice, but what was lovely about Chicago was architecture. Jesse, do you want to say anything?

Jesse: *pout*

How still and silent the morning is.
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Hello. Currently, I am in a place called 'Alix's Room'. Since Alix and Jesse had come to visit us last summer, we came to visit them. It has been very nice so far, we had Mexican food for dinner and there was a party. Jean made me wear leather pants. Alix tried to spike my hair. Jesse... well... Jesse laughed. A lot.

Anyway, it is time for bed. Tomorrow, we are going to Chicago. I shall leave you with a photo of what Jean gave to Alix for early Valentine gift.

I do not think it looks like me.
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Let's open up the New Year with HAWT BOY! I tried to make Hugh Jackman look younger...

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Icons for Denys!

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In light of the recent (and hot) threesome, I made some smexy boys icons. Don't worry, all the bits are covered!

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The latest Herbology assignment made me sit up and really think about music for my boy~

Enjoy! Click image for soundtrack!

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Author's notes: Sometimes, I have to write something rambling and flowery so it ultimately kind of sucks. Oh well!


It was a mistake even before it began. Jesse coming over, Amaury full of sake... anything that happened between them would ultimately spell doom. They began with waving the tiny sake cups in the air as they drank and drank more, toasting themselves, their loves (requited and unrequited alike), each other, and even the man that made the chopsticks that lay on their table. Jesse grabbed a chopstick and demonstrated how he could balance on his upper lip. Amaury demonstrated how he could stick his tongue out and touch the tip of his nose... which somehow lead to what the other could do with their tongues and what those tongues could be done together. The air quickly filled with the pungent stench of alcohol, guilt, and desire, and more than once, Amaury or Jesse tried to stop. But Amaury saw those broad shoulders, that dark hair, those light eyes, and he groaned and gave himself up again, knowing that they weren't the right features but they were close enough. And Jesse had wanted this, hungered for this, at times more than he wanted air to breath or food to eat. So they threw aside everything they had just for this one night and declared 'come what may' to the morning.
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I, Amaury Oniyama, am deeply and passionately in love with Jesse J. Martin, and there is nothing anyone can do about it.

Fic Post

Aug. 9th, 2006 01:10 pm
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Characters: Apollo Devlin and Dr. Greg House. No really.
Rating: PG
Notes: Figures that when I have finals, my writing muse comes back and hits me with a vengence. At least vengence comes with House, Season one. Yeah, I'm a dork. Happy crossover!

Medical History

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