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That Dragon is Gray

The Personal Journal of Amaury Oniyama

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This is the personal journal of Amaury Ryuuichi Oniyama. If found, please return to Gryffindor Common Room. Thank you.

"onehearthopelove: unfortunately, the combined logic of 15 people elimintates the need for amaury, but that's really kind of a compliment."

This journal was created for the purpose of RP, played by bluejeans07.

Make note that all the drawings and paintings of Amaury are done by me. Please do NOT take them!

Amaury: Ancient Germanic, 'power,''laborer'
Ryuuichi: Japanese, 'one dragon'
Oniyama: Japanese, 'demon mountain'

Amaury is a 4th Year Gryffindor. He is five foot, four inches, with a slim, almost scrawny build, black hair that he keeps long, and eyes that are the color of burnt sienna. Born of Japanese and English descent, he was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan before moving to Wales and attending HOGWARTS SCHOOL of WITCHCRAFT and WIZARDRY.

Quiet and observant, he is quite a contrast with his more gregarious Gryffindor dorm mates, preferring to lay low and quiet versus being social. His talents involve martial arts, rationality, and not allowing his emotions to cloud his judgments. However, he's not very friendly and is blunt to the point that he says the right thing in the wrong way. His hobbies involve working out, reading mythology, and looking up and memorizing quotes. He loves music, art, and other creative outlets but finds himself short whenever he tries to do something in those lines, so he is content to sit back and admire while others create beautiful things.

Amaury is deuteranomalous, a common form of colorblind which prevents him from seeing greens and reds although he can distinguish the colors with relative accuracy. He's been colorblind since birth and while he knows that he is, doesn't let his condition run his life. Because of his background, he speaks English with a slight accent and often forgets words when he is angry or upset, which isn't very often. He has trouble relating to other fourth years and often looks to students who are older and younger than him for friends.

Amaury isn't a very sociable person but he does have a few good friends who he is fiercely protective of. His best friend is Gillichu Chandler, a Ravenclaw second year who he has known for a very long time. They have a very close, brotherly relationship where they both understand each other immediately, although Amaury has been growing up as of late which is confusing the younger boy.

Amaury is also friends with Jesse Martin, the sixth year prefect of Gryffindor. He admires Jesse's talent with the guitar and likes him because Jesse isn't as loud or obnoxious as the other Gryffindors are. Secretly, he often wishes he was more like Jesse, a genuinely good person who doesn't look down on others and actually feels compassion for others.

Jaegar Katzenkaiser is a new friend of Amaury's, a chipper German aristocrat who had just transferred to Hogwarts. With observant eyes, Amaury has seen through the facade that Jaegar puts around himself to discover a depressed boy who doesn't believe in himself because of his weak magical power. Slowly, Amaury's trying to help Jaegar realize that magic isn't everything and that there is more to him.

Currently, Amaury is dating Jelly Ashworth, a Slytherin girl with a ready wit and an even sharper brain. They have an odd relationship where she speaks too much and he doesn't speak at all, where she speaks in riddles and he says exactly how he feels. But strangely enough, she likes him and he can't seem to stop thinking about her.

Other friends include Hannah Salix and Derek Bly, a couple who he has helped a few times (and Hannah being someone he used to crush on,) Lisette Jasinski (Jelly's half sister), Pimento Pepper, Remy Cowan, Danny Parker and Zak Reso. While most students seem to avoid Amaury because he scares them, these people find something inside of the stoic boy that they like.

Amaury's mother is an English Muggleborn professor of geography at an all boys school, his father is a Japanese Muggle professor of English at an all girls school. However, his father is also the youngest son of the current head of the Oniyama Yakuza, a traditional organized crime group, similar to a mafia. Based in Tokyo, their family line extends as far as the Edo Period and their influence is spread all over Japan, in the government and in businesses. Amaury's childhood was not a normal one, while his family life was close and happy, it was because of the dangers of coming from a yakuza family that forced him to grow up quickly and was trained in multiple forms of combat. His parents divorced when he was three to protect his mother from his grandfather, who would've sought to extort her powers if he knew she was a witch. When Amaury inherited the gift of magic, he and his father kept it a secret until he was old enough to attend Hogwarts.

The only people who know this information are Gillichu Chandler, Lisette Jasinski, Jelly Ashworth, Hannah Salix, and Jesse Martin.

Amaury's favorite subject is Arithmancy, although he is good at subjects that follow a logical thought process. Naturally, he is also talented at Defense Against the Dark Arts because of lifelong combat training, but he struggles with Potions because of his colorblindness and History of Magic because he has no real interest in the subject. Magic is still a strange thing for him since he is accustomed to taking Muggle approaches to things, but it's undeniably a part of him ever since he was born.

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