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"All you need, Ryuu-chan," Sayumi mused while thoughtfully wagging her teaspoon at him, "is one really, really good kiss."

Amaury blinked at her as his teacup clattered slightly when he dropped it a bit too fast onto the saucer. They had been discussing the changes in their lives from childhood to present day: a married artist (Sayumi), and a single Arithmancer (Amaury).

"I thought we were talking about what inspires you to do those paintings, not my lovelife," he managed to respond with a slightly confused frown at his cousin.

"Well, that's where it comes from."


"Baaaaka," she grinned, leaned back in her chair. "Inspiration is like a really, really good kiss. It touches you slightly, sensitively at first, that you're suprised to find it there. And when you realize it, you explore, figure out what you like, how it makes you feel. That's when it progresses to something else."

"Sex," Amaury commented with a straight face.

"In some cases!" his cousin laughed. "Sometimes it's just a fling, a passing fancy. But sometimes it's the first step to falling in love, you never know how it's going to turn out but at least it's been and your life changes a bit. Maybe not a lot, but enough."

A few months passed and Amaury had forgotten the conversation entirely until he met a a former schoolmate playing in a rock band inside of a small, dingy bar. Jesse was rugged, passionate, and intense about his thoughts and feelings, everything Amaury wasn't. However, as they spent more time together, the Japanese man began to feel pretty inspired himself, and after a night spent listening to various records and CDs, leaned over and gently captured the other man's lips.

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