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Author's notes: Sometimes, I have to write something rambling and flowery so it ultimately kind of sucks. Oh well!


It was a mistake even before it began. Jesse coming over, Amaury full of sake... anything that happened between them would ultimately spell doom. They began with waving the tiny sake cups in the air as they drank and drank more, toasting themselves, their loves (requited and unrequited alike), each other, and even the man that made the chopsticks that lay on their table. Jesse grabbed a chopstick and demonstrated how he could balance on his upper lip. Amaury demonstrated how he could stick his tongue out and touch the tip of his nose... which somehow lead to what the other could do with their tongues and what those tongues could be done together. The air quickly filled with the pungent stench of alcohol, guilt, and desire, and more than once, Amaury or Jesse tried to stop. But Amaury saw those broad shoulders, that dark hair, those light eyes, and he groaned and gave himself up again, knowing that they weren't the right features but they were close enough. And Jesse had wanted this, hungered for this, at times more than he wanted air to breath or food to eat. So they threw aside everything they had just for this one night and declared 'come what may' to the morning.
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